2007 Honda Fit

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The small Honda Fit will come to the US next spring.

Not a new version, but the current one. The one that came out in late 2001.
That means it will be over 5 years old by the time it comes over here!
Usually the limit for a Honda design….

But maybe, just maybe, a new one is coming just in time for us. That would make more sense.

Don’t expect that much anyway. I sat in the car in Europe. It is cute, very roomy and well designed. But also pretty “thin”. Especially the doors.
And the 1.5 Liter engine shouldn’t be much better than the Scion.

Still, a roomy, inexpensive, reliable, fuel efficient car is always welcome.
Couldn’t they put a hybrid engine in there?

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  1. I thought I heard somewhere that the Fit coming next spring will be the all-new one instead of this one. Oh well, it still looks better than Aveo…..

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