2007 Hyundai Santa Fe

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Nothing new here, but these are still, from far, the best pictures of the all new Santa- Fe yet.

Based on the Sonata, it might ba available in the US in 2 sizes. The larger version will be able to seat 7 thanks to a 3rd row seat. The new 3.8 Liter V6 from the Azera is also on the menu.

As you can see, that row looks to be really close to the rear hatch. I’m not sure why anyone would want to seat there.
Is it really a good thing to squeeze an extra seat in these things?
Seems like everyone wants to “seat seven”, even when it’s not ment to be…

For God’s sake, if you have a lot of kids, get a Minivan. Don’t try to squeeze them into a mid sized SUV!

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  1. Unfortunately not that many Americans want to drive minivans, or should I say unfortunate for the kids.

  2. It’s a shame that Hyundai spent so much money on redesigning the Sante Fe, but they couldn’t get the interior plastics to match?!

  3. Is that the steering wheel they’re going to use in the production model?! It looks like a mismatched 1990 Hyundai Excel steering wheel. How about a more modern steering wheel with stereo controls? C’mon Hyundai!! It’s sad that Hyundai makes it goal to come close or try to equal Toyota and Honda quality when they really should try to exceed the highest quality.

  4. This Santa Fe is a total disappointment! The styling is so unlike Hyundai, the front is like a chipmunk’s mouth, the rear like a tree and the sides like an updated version of the current one.
    The control panel in the middle looks like Hyundai borrowed Jeep’s Grand Cheeroke and copied it. The steering wheel is so bland, not even any controls on it. Oh, and what’s the pricing, Vince?

  5. These are pictures of the non US version. So the steering wheel controls might be an option. Doesn’t mean we won’t have it.
    The fenders remind me of the Azera. I think it does look like a Hyundai.
    I have no idea of price. But it will be higher than the current model. It is quite a bit larger.

  6. Just to raise some heck…

    First off, where did you get these photos? We recieved them and exclusive right to publish them almost half a year ago from a photographer.

    Secondly, this being a preproduction prototype, there was no standard for the manufactured plastics, so yes, everything is mismatched and incomplete with regards to the interior, and in some ways the exterior as well. I don’t know anything about the taillamps, but I think it has to do with local standards, some countries may require amber turn signals. (I believe this was shot in Australia, would have to double check to be sure).

    As far as the styling goes.. like the Sonata, I feel like there were three different design teams. One designed from the A-pillar forward, one designed from the C-pillar back, and one designed everything in the middle. So the front end is at a different slope than the rest of the car, and the rear end feels a bit bigger and more trucky, while the front feels lower and sportier.

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