2007 Hyundai Santa Fe

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An even better picture.
That is a nice looking SUV. Toyota needs to come up with a great design for the next Highlander if they want to compete with this.

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  1. I’d have to agree with the new Santa Fe looking pretty good compare with the hideous current generation.
    But I don’t think Toyota will need to come up with a good design for people to buy it, although I think they focus more on design now.

  2. From that angle, there is something about the proportions that don’t jive right with me, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. It’s just looks funny…

  3. im going to agree with this thing looks funny also, the lines are all off, and the back looks to high, it looks wierd

  4. I don’t like the “bubble look” of this car. The rear could use some work. The front is OK… but it doesn’t fit an SUV. I have to disagree with you Vince, this car isn’t what I was expecting.

  5. Jesus4life is right. Also, the more “angled” front part doesn’t fit the bubbled sides and probably rear too. I would have prefered something closer to the look of the Mitsubishi endeavor or the new grand vitara… something more sporty, modern and powerful.

  6. The back looks small, (is there 3rd row seating?) I dont think there is a 3rd row seat, This may just compete with the RAV4. It looks small and the lights look silly. The are doesnt look as proportional and it just doesnt work. I hope this is not the final design because it still needs more work

  7. I think we have, as usual, to wait for better pictures. Although this one is clear, the angle is kind of weird.
    And it does make the rear look bigger than it might be. And the front is pretty flat.
    The previous post shows a 3rd row seat, right aginst the rear hatch.
    I think they’ll have both versions in the US.

  8. looks like a current generation Mazda Tribute to me…
    Toyota/Honda don’t need to do anything to compete with their designs…
    all hyundai is a combination of Honda and toyota put into one!!

  9. not like it matters much, but does anyone else notice how the rear turn signals in both rear ends of the cars are different colors (one is orange and the other is white). does that mean anything?

  10. You’re all wrong. I work at the new Hyundai plant in Montgomery. The new Santa Fe will have two versions, one with a third seat. As far as for Toyota and Honda, they beter watch out. The Koreans have come further in less time. And will surpass them. The company cares more about quality of vehicle than making the almighty dollar off of it. The chairman will shut down the company to make quality first. The 2006 Sonata has far more safety features than the competiton. For less money!!! They care more for quality.

  11. some should keep their comment to themselves.. i suppose people have the right to give their own opinion but you are talking to professional designers here and saying “it still needs work” to a fine distinctive design is somtimes funny for an average person to say
    I think santa fe designers made the car look as if leaning forward to get more agressive look that’s why the angle is wierd to some people
    to me it looks great..

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