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Just a nice detail on the all new 2007 ES.
It will be available with a “glass roof” option for the 1st time. It is actually, just like the one in the Mercedes E class, a double sunroof, where only the 1st one opens up.
This option was supposed to be available on the RX, but I’ve never, ever seen one with it. I wonder if they had problems…

Everyone (at least in the automotive press) forgets about the ES. They all want the “sporty Lexus”, the IS.
But the ES is an amazing car in the segment. It is pretty much everything people want in a Lexus.

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  1. a glass roof? just like the scion tC! Even looks like the same design! Then again both lexus and scion are toyota.. just kinda cool that the tC gets it and it’s 1/2 price.. 🙂

  2. I wonder if the Lexus ES will look more like the next Camry, I mean Toyota (Lexus too) is starting to look like an Avalon manufacturer.
    But the glass roof sounds amazing especially with a car that’s 39 grand (Canadian price).

  3. to the above poster.. shows how little you really know.. but sorry to ruin your fun, but the fact is not all 60,000 tC’s have had their sunroofs shatter.

    so no your statement is incorrect.

    I have seen some of the sunroofs that have cracked and it’s quite obvious that a large rock hit the sunroof while open.. would even happen to a regular roof.. Friend of mine had his roof pelted with rocks, nothing happened..

    so again, you are incorrect with your assumptions. You should really get the facts.. then you can talk intelligently about it. until then, you lost this one.

  4. To the above poster: GET A LIFE! Good grief, I’m not an idiot. I was just joking around. I was trying to win anything, so LIGHTEN UP BUDDY!

  5. hmm seems odd that while there are no spy shots of the lexus yet on the web, i say the last 2 post’s are the camry only, ( es sunroof and camry front end) same tacky camo on both cars ! both white, vince u got any other pics of the lexus es ?? or are these both the same car ( camry ) …….

  6. The sunroof photos are of the ES, NOT the Camry.
    I have more pictures on the ES, but it’s mostly covered.
    They are not the same car.

    I will try to post something later.

  7. kewl and thnx, i hadnt noticed till i posted that there was a white header on the camry above the windscreen, while the es is all black, im extremely interested in seeing the next es front end and hope they didnt ruin it like the current one is with those awefull headlamps !

  8. The ES is the coolest car ever. So shut up you Lexus hater.Go to your stuped Jetta who cares about a jetta. The jatta sucks on Ice. Can you tell the differents our are you stuped like that.

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