2007 Mitsubishi Outlander

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When I first saw this, my thought was : Whay did they replace the Outlander with a design that looks even older?

But now that I see it in an “other than silver color”, I like it.
It looks a bit larger than the current model, and a bit more expensive too. The Japanese model is available with the 2.4 Liter engine. I wonder if a V6 will be available in the US. If it is, it should be much smaller than the 3.8Liter they have on their other cars.
For a compact car based SUV, the 2.4 Liter should be enough.

Peugeot will sell its own version in Europe. Let’s hope they are not going to pull a Saab 9.2 and just put a Peugeot nose on it…

Look!!! It even has a mother in law “death seat” in the back. Looks like an Alien couple!
Can they really claim it seats seven?

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  1. OK. When I first saw it, the front end is a copy of the Suzuki Grand Vitara, and the wheels and the rear are almost EXACTLY like the Lexus RX330. I wonder how long this one will last??

  2. Wow, this one is really nice, i definetly would attribute the peugeot influence for the great design. I just saw a commercial for the new mitsu raider, the pickup, and that looks really nice. Mitsu seems to be coming back a little now but wow did they do a lot of damage. I think it started with the new design direction of the endeavor. Something about that vehicle and all the ones that came afte rit such as the new galant really managed to turn consumers off to this brand that used to have a pretty solid performance and style reputation.

  3. I also think it looks like a great car. I’d choose it over the current CR-V any day. Although I hope that 3rd row seat has a delete option.

  4. “Can they really claim it seats seven?”

    Yeah, if three of them are children.

    Nice job. I really like this new design and think it will hold up well with time. Mitsubishis haven’t been my personal first choice of automobiles (since I’ve only owned each of the big three Japanese brands), but they are still compelling options in the marketplace. Durable, reliable, and decently styled, Mitsus should be on anyone’s list of vehicles to consider. Maybe when I’m looking to buy next time….

    But those alien rear seats…OMG! I’ll take seating for five instead, thank you.

  5. Yikes! Can Mitsubishi really claim they can actually sell it. Cause it seem like they can’t design many products without looking at other SUVs. The dashboards looks nice but again an offshoot of the Mazda5, the front is a Suzuki Grand Vitara, the wheels and the rear is a Lexus RX330/RX400h and put it all together and it doesn’t look right. That 3rd row of seat is really looking like Mitsu designers had no time to think!

  6. Mitsu has clearly decided to ignore all their recent designs and go back to an ealier time when, perhaps things seemed more hopeful. The Eclipse clearly harks back to the 2nd generation design. Get past the grille and the Evo X concept (and presumably the next Lancer) basically mimics the 1999 Galant (not a bad choice). The new Outlander seems to return to the 80s Mitsu face (or lack of one) before Mitsu went to its split-grille theme. The rest of the body just seems to be a hodge-podge of currently in-vogue ideas, RX-330 rear tailights, X-3 tailgate, and those way overused triangular D-Pillars.

    I’m glad Mitsu is running away from its recent off-putting designs. But I wonder if they know where they are running to.

  7. My thoughts exactly. You can also see it in the Australian 380. They seem to add more class to their designs. It’s more tastefull.
    It’s funny they kind of went nuts for a couple of years, with very aggressive designs.
    I think the new Eclipse looks great. I sat inside one and the interior is also very nice.

  8. i think mitsubishi might make a case for itself with its new models. the outlander seems like it will give the new RAV4 a run for its money, and id choose the new lancer over the new corolla any day.

  9. For some of u “Know-It-Alls”, the back end taillight theme actually came from the 2005 Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution. I really think it looks nice.

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  11. Simply its a nice vehicle.They had this theme in some international models.I would choose this vehicle anytime.Mitsu has done a nice job this time with the designe and the option both.This SUV is gonna be the best in this class.

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