2007 Scion xB details

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These are pictures from the production model.
It is very much like the xB concept they are showing right now at the Tokyo auto show. Except for all the metal parts.
From what I’ve seen of the exterior, the body is mostly similar to the concept. But without the uge fenders and weird front end.

One more time, the concept interior. So you can see how close it is to the real thing.

The cool oversized side vents, the central dials, the navigation (at least in Japan).
It’s all there…

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  1. It’s kind of funny now that most Japanese manufacturers make vehicles that look like their concept. By the way why is there no Scion in Canada, I mean that’s the main market for compact cars such as the Nissan XTrail and the Acura EL.

  2. That’s actually the opposite.

    They already have the production design done when they quickly put together what they call a concept.
    A weirded out version of the production design with more chrome, spoilers larger wheels etc…

    They all do it, all the time…

  3. Any idea when the 2007 Scion xB will come out? I can’t find out a thing. I even called Scion’s customer service.

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