2007 Toyota Camry

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Just another shot of a semi-covered new Camry.

The front end is more visible this time around. Althought we’ve alredy seen the whole car from photos taken at that presentation a few months ago…

2007 will be a great year for whoever needs to buy a new mid size sedan. With already good choices like the Sonata and Accord, all new Camrys and Altimas are coming too. And both will be available with a hybrid version!

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  1. You’re right! Especially Toyota is having Mazda-like grilles and it doesn’t look good. Even the headlights are almost the same!
    But this Camry I feel will look alot like the Avalon. It’s wonderful having the next Camry Hybrid on a 4-cyl cause V6 hybrids don’t cut it anymore. Honda will likely follow suit.

  2. Looks like the next Cam-zzzzzzzzzzzz is going to have the same droopy, misshapen headlights as the Avalon. Yawn.

  3. It looks like the camry all-right.I`v seen web sites with the picture of the back of the car and other websites with pictures of the rear that look totally different!Wich website is correct?

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