2007 Toyota Camry

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I am just quickly reposting this for people who are looking for a mid sized car, and are not in such a hurry.
(It comes out in about 4 to 5 months, but will be shown in January) .
There are very good cars out there, but this should be worth the wait.
At least to make sure you play with a full deck.

From what I see here, it already looks like a better interior than the Sonata and Fusion.

I think this car will be a formidable choice in the segment. And the hybrid comes out in the fall.

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  1. The interior looks just a teeny bit like the Solara but it’s a better interior than the upright Fusion and the soft Sonata. I have to say once I see the whole exterior that this a excellent job on Toyota.

  2. the three ringed climate controls remind me of the mazda6.. but yes the interior looks nice, I like the interior door handle pull.. looks cleaner/better than what they have now on the camry..

  3. from already looking at spy pix of the exterior elsewhere… i think Toyota is holding Mazda6 as their benchmark for the design to get into sporty look!!!
    Mazda6 is by far the best looking car in the midsize segment, especially the 2006 models with the new changes!

    if you really want ppl to wait then i say wait for another year when the new 08 Accord comes out.
    Toyota is an excellent product, but here they will do most of the catching up and might set a few trends etc..
    Accord on the other hand just like any other design will benchmark the segment once again!

    Either way, we win at the end!
    (posted by: TSX)

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