2007 Toyota Corolla

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Again, covered in cardboard.
And this is the Japanese/European hatchback version. Just likewith the Civic, we’ll get the “trunk added” version of this.
It looks like it has that little triangular window up front like the Civic sedan, or the Prius. That means a big dashboard, and a minivan like point of view…

2006 should be a big year for Toyota in the US. With an all new Camry in early spring, and this in the fall. They are replacing their two most popular models.

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  1. Seems that Toyota has no shortage of cardboard, hopefully this new Corolla hatchback is not as ugly as the new Civic hatchback….Vince, you seem to have Toyota’s testing area well staked out.

  2. if toyota wanted better designs, why is it looking like they’re copying the civic? not a good move!

    or is it that scion gets all the new designs instead?

    and yeah looks like cardboard is something toyota has invested in heavily.. lol..

  3. I have seen some artist impressions of the final product and it is most definitely not a copy of the civic. It is an evolution of the current design. Unlike Honda Toyota are going to keep the Corolla prices about the same and will not be attempting to move upmaket.

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