2007 Toyota Corolla Interior

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Sorry about the poor quality photo of this illustration.. But this is the closest thing to seeing what the new Corolla’s interior looks like.
And the European and US version should share that same dashboard.
Not as crazy as the Civic, but it does look upscale.

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  1. hey vince!! thanks for putting up the interior.. i know i asked earlier.. 🙂 i actually like the interior, this is a lot better than what’s out now, what do you think?

  2. it actually looks better than the civic, this design will wear better over time than the fad honda civic one.. for me, i just don’t like the new civic, no “flow” to the elements of the dash.. something here, something there.. naw, not for me..

  3. I do like the Civic. I ma a sucker for anything out of the ordinary, or modern. I’m just not sure about the materials.
    The Corolla looks really classy, and still modern.
    The current interior is still OK, by the way…
    The console seems prety high, and that looks really good. It flows better into the dash, like a much more expensive car.

  4. golf car site? ha ha ha.. what in the world does that have to do with a Corolla? sounds like spam to me..

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