2007 Toyota Corolla

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Here are a couple more pictures of the European Corolla.

Testing outside, so it is covered with that black tape, just like the Camry…
It would be too much to hope for the hatchback in the US. But let’s hope the rest of the design is similar.
The fenders seem to strech way out for a much more muscular and modern look.
Inside, the console is higher and blends better into the new dash.

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  1. Maybe we don’t get it here in the US because of the Matrix…? I would get the hatchback Corolla if it were available here, sigh.

  2. Funny in Europe and possibly Japan the Corolla Hatch is simply a cut-off trunk of the US Corolla.
    “”They could bring the hatchback for the Scion brand…just get rid of the bland current Corolla”
    Toyota doesn’t want to get rid of the Corolla because second to the Camry it’s the bread and butter sedan of Toyota and if Toyota gives it to Scion, Toyota then won’t have business

  3. hey vince, so you do have the interior shots??.. okay make me wait.. impatience is not my virtue.. lol.. okay i’ll wait 🙂

  4. Hey vince,

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the car manufacturers spent a little less time deciding how to manipulate the public, and brought all of their new ideas to each country. I really like the Yaris, but the 4 door might interrupt the sales of another model, so it stays in Canada and Europe. I’m kind of tired being manipulated by car companies.

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