2007 Volvo S80

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These are supposed to be pictures of the next Volvo S80.
But the look ans size remind me more of a Volvo S60.

I know the S80 is older and due for a new one before the S60. And the badge in the rear says V8, which would be crazy in the S60. But still…
From these pictures, it doesn’t really look that expensive. And very much like the current one, which came out in 1998!

The interior also doesn’t have an “expensive, top of the line” feel.

But what am I saying… These pictures are of a prototype. So who knows. Maybe it’s not all there yet.
Still, the problem of the current car, is that most people don’t think of it when they’re shopping for an “over $40 000 car”.
With a design so close to the current one, I don’t think they have much of a chance to change things around….

A chrome line around the windows and a V8 isn’t going to make people trade in their Mercedes, BMW or Lexus.

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  1. I saw these over on autoblog.com and I was thinking the same thing– the roofline looks an awful lot like an S60’s. I guess we’ll find out in a few months.

  2. “The interior also doesn’t have an “expensive, top of the line” feel.”

    Wow what brand of computer are you using? I need one of those new type with the “feel” peripheral included.

  3. Don’t be mistaken this car is big, just take a step back and just pay attention to the proportions. Those wheels and tires are pretty small looking, cuz the car is actually tall and long, but the massiveness is offset by the rakish greenhouse. Well Volvo is sticking with its Swedish style, so it won’t be lots of glitz…hey they have no trouble selling those $40K XC90s!

  4. I hope they did more with it than the picture shows. The current model however is an awkward peice of work, the proportions are just bad. At least the proportions on this thing look better. Personally, I like simple interiors, like my V50 T5. Too many cars are making the interior look like a cabin of a airplane-yuck!!!

  5. yeah but suvs are natuarlly more than cars, and it is alot easier to get someone to spend $40,000 on an suv than a car, tahoe, sequoia, suburban, expedition, 4 runner, the list of $40,000 suvs is endless, but this car looks no where near like a $40000 car, especially that s40 inspired interior, and with the excellent redesighns of established players gs, m, 5 series, e class, even the sts, it will be a hard sell for anyone unless they have to have a volvo

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