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Still called a concept. But this is it. The redesigned LS.
And the best looking one so far. Actually, a really good looking car on its own. For the first time it doesn’t look like a Mercedes copy.
I now just looks like a cross between the new IS, the next Camry and a bunch of other Toyotas…

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  2. First impression: it looks VERY similar to the IS. Now, I shall give it more time so that I can study the details. Second impression to follow…

  3. Concept or not, this is a flagship I’m lookin’ forward to. More powerful than the new GS (including the 450h); smoother, quieter, and more refined and spacious the ES will ever be; maybe just as (if not more) stylish than the IS, and MUCH more.

    As far as fuel economy, let’s hope the LS 600h delivers (like it matters anyway, for anyone willing to dish out money on a car like this).

  4. Hrmm, this would make a good next generation ES, but I’m not sure about LS. It just doesn’t look like a $60k car. (But then again, neither does 545i)

  5. The LS stops copying Mercedes and starts copying BMW. Did Chris Bangle design this thing? It’s a good thing the engineering is sound, because the design is BLAND.

  6. I don’t think it looks bland at all, I am actually impressed……..Yes, the rear end looks a bit like a BMW.

  7. well, you win some, you lose some, i guess japanese cars are more concerned about reliability then anything else, thats the hard part… i think if they really wanted to go all out in exterior design, they could, but its a smart move their making to play it safe and not offend any one with a more conservative outside, and unbeatable quality

  8. I don’t think it looks like the LF-S at all. That car really looked nice.
    And I wouldn’t expect the “big Lexus” to be the best looking car. But it is really nice and more pleasant to look at than any of the previous one. Especially the current model. A bad copy of an S class from 2 generations ago.

  9. Looks like a VW Phantom/A8 front end and a BMW 7 series rear with the new GS middle, but overall they make it work. Makes the old mercedes looking LS look chuncky and slow.

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