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The MPV gets a total make over. A well needed one.
No specs yet. But the new improved/slightly larger Mazda6/Ford Fusion platform is a good bet.
European engines will include the 2.3 Liter. But the US might only get the V6.
Their all new SUV should be based on the same platform.

This looks to be a really good alternative for those who don’t want to drive the “huge,whale like Minivans” from Honda or Toyota.

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  1. Is that really going to be our MPV? 1- it looks too similar to the just-released 5 and 2- it looks too small to be the MPV. I know the current one isn’t huge, but this looks way smaller than the current one.

  2. I work for Mazda Canada…
    and just let everyone know that MPV will NOT replaced for North America. Another vehicle (not a minivan) will replace it using 7 passenger seating!
    Mazda doesn’t have the resources as of yet to redesign the MPV so it can compete with Honda/Toyota.

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