Birth of a Mustang

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These are early clay models for the 2005 Mustang.

You can tell that, for a while, they weren’t too sure about going retro. They were still trying to put modern details into the design.
Thank God they didn’t. I think the final design is much better than any of these.
What do you think? Were they right?

With a Camaro concept maybe scheduled to appear at the Detroit Auto Show in January, what do you think GM will do.
Will they also go retro?

Seems to work wonders for Ford.

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  1. From the first mustang pic in the series, maybe its just cause of the wheels, but it looks like they were planning only a small design step away from the previous generation. In conclusion, they really put it together nicely in the end and its really cool that you were able to find these pics and also the one of the pacifica prototype.

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