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After all these concepts they showed us a few months ago, we now start seeing pictures of the production cars.
Most of these will end up in the US starting in 2007, if all goes according to plans.

The Matrix sized cross over.

The Nissan Altima copy.

And the..”Crossover” wagon.

All these prototypes look exactly the same as the concepts. Only the name Cherry won’t be used, at least in the States.
They’ll have to find another name. (GM doesn’t like it to be so close to “Chevy”).
Kind of like when Nissan used to call its cars Datsuns …

Would you actually consider any of these???

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  1. If you are referring to the “Altima Copy”, I am fairly sure it is not a photochop, I saw the lower photo (silver) before somewhere in coverage of the Shanghai auto show.

    Would I consider a Chinese car? Although many parts in cars today are from China, I think the price would have to be extremely low, warranty very long, and safety and standard features high. In short, they would have to do what Hyundai has done in the recent past.

    I believe that Hyundai is coming close to being able to increase their prices as more people realize that they are starting to bring out quality products. Chery would have to do the same thing Hyundai did, maybe even more aggressively prices/equiped than Hyundai has done.

  2. that “altima copy” looks bogus, like a frog or sumthin weird. awkwardly large front lights. looks like a piece of shit.

  3. I have been a die-hard Japanese car fan for years, but with more competition and smaller differences in quality between all brands, I say bring on the Chinese cars! More competition for the automakers means more choices for consumers…we win!

  4. Isn’t the guy that is selling Chery dealerships the same guy that brought us failures like the Bricklin and Yugo?

    Not sure I would put my faith in this car just yet.

  5. Yep, Bricklin brought us the Yugo and his own vehicle, the ‘Bricklin’. He also brought Fiat to the US which also failed.

    His first automotive venture turned out pretty well, though. Subaru is doing much better than his other attempts.

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