Corolla T Sport

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No, this is not the new, redeigned Corolla.

This is an all new Compressor version of the existing model, with a 225 HP engine.
As you can see, the interior is still the same, with a a slightly sportier interior.
And as you can see also, this is the European model. Not for US consumption..

Kind of strange they roll out this new engine on a model that will be redesigned in a few months…

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  1. looks like they just wanted to have some “fun” before they ended this run, kind of like “let’s see what we can do with this car”.. where were they before now?

    if that has 225hp, no wonder it’s NOT coming here, since the scion tC is around that hp (with supercharger)

  2. In many markets like Europe and Japan there are Japanese manufacters that build much more upscale cars and much more sportier cars than in US. Look at the Corolla’s interior, I mean there’s a upscale audio and auto climate control. Why does the US get the basic cars?

  3. this is the EUROPEAN version of the Corolla…Not to be confused with the Canadian or US version…I work at NUMMI which builds the Corolla, Tacoma, and Pontiac Vibe (on a Corolla platform)…The Vibe from what we’re hearing is going to be history, not sure what’s taking it’s place…

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