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A concept?!?!
Looks almost exactly like the current (and pretty old) Escape!
So I would guess this is a preview of the next Escape. and it doesn’t look much more modern than the current one. As a matter of fact, most people couldn’t tell the difference…
Didn’t they just revised the Escape? Which means this would still be a couple of years away.

I just don’t get it.

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  1. Wow, boring! And you know what, does anyone else notice how the larger flashy wheels they chose for this dont seem to fit the downer design.

  2. Wow, if this really is the next Escape, Ford is in serious, serious trouble… This is *the* key market segment right now. The editorials about the conservativeness of this design will be scathing…

  3. This CAN”T be a preview of the next Escape. The exterior is almost exactly the same (with the exception of the front clip with the three-bar chrome grill) and the interior is from the tribute. Maybe they’re getting ready to just refresh the current Escape. If that’s the case, I guess they could do worse. But this is certainly nothing to get excited about…

  4. I completely agree. These guys are seriously lost. The only rational possibility I can imagine is that this is going to be a cheapo Escape variant for export to emerging markets. Even the boring Freestyle has much better proportions.

  5. Maybe not a cheapo export. I take that back. I suppose it’s just a street rod version of the Escape.

  6. Wow, we know what is the biggest change for the next Escape already — the badge! (From Escape to Equator)

  7. People, don’t freak out…it’s just an Asia-Pacific version of the Escape. Markets such as Taiwan never got the Escape until now, in the form of the Equator.

  8. There are more issues here. Ford doesn’t want to spend a lot of redesign money if they don’t have to. Escape is now sold and built everywhere, and big changes would mean a lot of plant changes. People seem to buy a lot of them, so a facelift will do it fine. They need to keep costs and price reasonable and still make a profit.

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