Ford GTX1 Concept

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Really, why this?
They will never make it, and it kind of destroys the original design anyway.

I live in Hollywood and I have never seen one GT in the streets! I used to see the prototypes testing, but since the real car went on sale, nothing! New Bentleys, Aston Martins, even a couple of the new Rolls, but no GTs…Who’s buying this anyway?

Wasn’t the whole point of it to bring people into the showrooms?
Dealers don’t even have it.

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  1. Ford only built like 5000. A large proportion went to the middle east. In the UK there were like 500, they sold out instantly, all to celebrities and other rich people. Jerremy Clarkson (probably the worlds best known and controversial motoring journalist) bought one and sold it like the next week as it was so impractical and unreliable!

  2. 1. Clarkson didn’t sell it. He returned it, demanded his money back, and actually got it back. Ford even loaned him a DB9 while he thought it over.

    2. Anyone saying that a Ford GT is impracticle is an idiot because that is the very definition of an exotic sports car. BTW, Clarkson never said it was impracticle. He said it was too wide to cross one of Britains narrow bridges (which didn’t bother him.) He also said that it had a wonderful ride.

    Clarkson had only ONE bitch. The alarm system kept going off and Ford service kept calling him and telling him that his car had been stolen. They even immobilized his car on him while he was driving it because he couldn’t remember his password (not his fault IMO) The real problem was that Roush, who was responsible for all 23 GTs in the UK, was incompitent in fixing it. He had enough after the 4th alarm problem. I can’t say that I blame him.

    BTW, I’ve seen 3 or 4 GTs. I say 3 or 4 because two were red and could have been the same car. There is a 5th one sitting in the dealership in Lewisville, TX on I-35e. A salesman told me that it wasn’t for sale, just for looking.

  3. I’ll run to Venice tomorrow.
    It is a stunning looking car, no doubt. And I really think Ford can make a reliable $150 000 car.

  4. sorry i meant to say clarkson returned it. Clarkson had several bitches, like the fact it did no miles to the gallon, was as difficult to park as a hummer and totally unusable as a every day car…

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