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I guess GMS isn’t dead, yet…
They will show a concept version of the Acadia this January. With a production version to follow next year.
It is a cousin to the upcoming Saturn Outlook SUV. So it is a car based SUV. That might be a first for GMC.
They will still sell the Envoy for a frew more years, with a redesigned front end.

This design seems really modern, especially for a GMC!
I saw a couple of (bad) pictures of the interior and it is also much nicer than anything else they offer right now.
Not sure yet if the Saturn version is a different design…
That platform will also be used for an upcoming Buick SUV.

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  1. Vince:The Acadia is going to look pretty similar to the Graphyte. It will have a 3.6L V6 and a NEW SOHC V8. More information can be found on GMInsidenews in a piece called “The Irony of Acadia” by a chap named Jordan Marmara. Here is the link: ‘s based off of the upcoming Lambda architecture which shares alot of components with GM’s Epsilon 2 architecture. The Saturn Oulook and Buick Enclave will also be based off this architecture. There will also be hybrid versions of these crossovers.

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