GMC Yukon Interior

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Could it be more similar to the Chevy???
Just a bit more chrome and that’s about it!

Looks like the GM guys know that GMC’s days are numbered…

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  1. did u expect something different, there has never been a difference in the interior of gmcs, and chevrolets, at all and not even slightly, that is more than the past few years difference the difference chrome and steeing wheel desighn., so i dont think it has anything to do with gms day being short, dont believe take look from inception to now, the differences between the 2, granted gmc is pointless…

  2. you people need to think and you as well vince..
    I’m not a big fan of GM, but this is huge improvement…
    let’s compare it with any other full size .. take nissan or ford, chrysler is not into it.
    It will have more power from smaller engines, and will dominate the segment with 280HP and 6 Speed auto trans.
    The interior is very well done as well!
    I somewhat agree with the front end, all they need to do is add projection headlights and it will look sharp.

  3. The interior is only marginaly better than the new Tahoe. I would rather buy the Tahoe and save about 5 grand. I hope GM hasn’t made the same mistake with the Escalade.

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