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Just a quick note.
GM will offer the Hummer H3 with a V8 Diesel option in the US for the 2007 model year.
Should it make a big difference in sales? The H3 came out just as gas prices hit $3 a gallon, and I don’t think they’re selling as many as they wanted.

Diesel might be a way to get a better mileage out of the beast. (and much more torque for towing).
And truck people might be more willing to go for a diesel, at least in the US.
How much better can the mileage be? A V8 Diesel against an Inline 5 …

Is it really much better…

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  1. Diesel better stop being $1.23 higher than unleaded before they come out with a diesel car because the good mileage would only justify that price evenly. I live in Oklahoma where the gas is “cheap” @ $2.03 on average in this city today. Diesel is $3.26!

  2. I don’t know what happened to diesel in the States. Here in L.A, it used to be just a bit cheaper than regular. But it is now way more than super…

  3. Most of our Diesel is refined in Europe, so it wasn’t effected by Katrina and Rita and I’m really curious as to why prices have spiked so high. The oil supply hasn’t been the problem it was early this year since China has reduced consumption by as much as 5% over the last few months. On top of that, China is exporting refined diesel at this time.

    I smell a rat. Well heck, I think we all smelled a rat as soon as gas passed 2 bucks.

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