HHR Concept

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This is just a prototype for the las Vegas SEMA show.
But it shows a nice new front end that would fit perfectly on the HHR.
And the 2 door wagon style looks great. With design elements from the Chevy Nomad. Both the old one, and the concpet form a couple of years ago.

I say buid it!

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  1. i think its a pretty nice car, if the car sells well enough, they should use the hhr as basis for nomad, and maybe even a covertible like the pt

  2. The HHR has exceeded GMs sales forcasts to the point that they are scrambling to add production capacity for it.

    As to the concpet, the front looks much better than the current one and I hope to see it on an SS model. I completely agree with the Nomad reference but I’m not sure GM would see the market in a two door version.

    My wife has recently been bugging me to get her ANOTHER New Beetle. She traded her last one in for a Toyota Matrix, thinking I was going to buy a sports car. When I went out and got a Murano instead (a 350z would get me in all sorts of trouble) she was a little upset. If she didn’t actually like her Matrix, she would have killed me 😉

    Anyways, we went to the Texas state fair and she got a good look at the HHR. Looks like the coast is clear for me to get an Infiniti M in a couple of years 😀

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