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Most Australian cars don’t make it over here. But this is the same car GM showed us with a Daewoo badge a while ago. Which will be sold in Europe as an Opel and a Chevrolet.
Now, rumors are this will replace the Saturn Vue as well. The Vue was just updated a couple of months ago, so I’m not sure about that…
Doesn’t make much sense to me.

The car was pretty impressive last year, and it still is. Looks like a great interior too. With a glass roof option similar to the Pontiac G6. Again just like the Daewoo concept.

What do you think?
Production, or a cheap trick from GM to get a quick Holden Concept for the car show?

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  1. This exact vehicle will be a chevy, saturn, opel, and a holden. This will be a very succesful program for GM throughout the world. The interior is also pretty amazing. I wonder though, since its a daewoo platform, will they be making the global supply of these in korea?

  2. I was originally thinking that this would be the new Outlook, but it doesn’t look big enough.

    It looks like the proper size for the new Vue. Yes, GM has recently reskinned it and revised the interior (a huge improvement) but have sales been positively affected by that? Or perhaps this is just part of their plan to make Saturn the distribution point for their European plans. The reskinned Vue was probably conceived sometime before they started putting Saturn badges on Opels.

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