Hyundai Azera price.

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Hyundai will annouce soon a base price of $24 999 for the Azera SE, the base model. (pictured here is the Limited)
That includes the 3.8 Liter V6 with 263hp and a 5 speed auto, CD player with MP3. You can get a sunroof or a 10 speaker stereo as options, without moving up to the Limited. But no leather on the SE.
A loaded Limited is expected to be still under $30 000.

These are pretty good prices, if you compare it to the Lexus ES 330, which starts at $32 300.
Hyundai is comparing their car to the Lexus.

But if you check the Avalon at $26 625,, there isn’t such a difference.

Some poeple might even consider the $26 265 Buick Lucerne or even the $22 230 Ford 500.
It all depends on rebates etc… The 500 can actually be a lot cheaper to buy.

The Hyundai XG used to be heavily discounted. To sometimes under $20 000! But I don’t think the Azera will.
You can still find the new Sonata for $2000 under MSRP. So similar discounts would put the Azera under $23 000.

In any case, it is a good price for a really good car. I will try to drive one when they’re out, in around 3 weeks…

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  1. I’ve always think this car looks good since they released the pictures. To compare it with the Lexus is a little to harsh on this car, I do think this car is in the same class as the Avalon though.

  2. actually to correct this post, they are comparing to the avalon, “a legitimate car review site, said the interior was good enough to compete with the lexus es……., look at the current es interior than look at this, if they sat in it and said that it has to be good

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