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Just like clockwork, one year after a new Civic, comes a new CRV…

From Japan, this picture (not sure if it is an illustration or not) shows a much more modern CRV that doesn’t look much bigger than the current model . Unlike the new Rav4.
The roomier interior will also feature an additional digital read out on top of dash. Similar to the 2006 Civic.

Rumors also mention a 2.4 Liter engine with 170hp.
Good to know someone isn’t part of the “horsepower race”.

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  1. I think you’ve been duped–that looks like portions of the honda stream have been photoshopped onto this supposed CRV.

  2. I’ve seen other picture/illustrations, and they do match this one.
    So I think this is at least very close, if not the real thing.

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