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With the Subaru deal over, the next generation 9.2 is, at least delayed. And will not be based on the next Impreza.
I would recomand to stay away from actually buying a Saab 9.2. This car will be discontinued early, maybe as soon as late this year. And that means zero resale value! Don’t be tempted by the huge discounts. Unless you plan to keep the car for 10 years…
A future model might be based on a small Opel. But that’ll take years.

On the other hand, Saab confirmed the “stillborn death” of the 9.6 Crossover based on the Tribeca. But they also confirmed a Saab version of the upcoming compact Cadillac SUV. Kind of like the same deal they have for the Cadillac BLS/Saab 9.3.
And the new Sonnet , based on the Solstice platform, is back in the news. I guess Saab isn’t dead after all…

That, is really good news….

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  1. I think GM has made a totally bad mistake about selling Subaru off. Subaru is a small profitable company that would work for Saab. Anyway there are some but not too much speculation that a the Chevrolet uplander/Montana SV6/Relay/Terraza might end up in a Saab 98 and a Saab 94 might end up in the Chevrolet Equinox/Terrant

  2. Are you kidding about getting the 9.2 next week???

    If you’re not, try to see if you like the Subaru Impreza. same car, same interior, but different front end. That’s it.
    But if you really want the Saab, you would need to keep it many years to make up (almost) for the lack of resale value.
    I’ve heard a few weeks ago that people are getting up to $5000 off on these cars.
    Might even be more now…

  3. i bought my saab 9-2X a few months ago, and it happens to be an unbelievable car. financially it made more sense to buy than a WRX, and to me, the Saab looks better. It rides great, is quiet, and powerful as hell with Subaru reliability. It is a shame that it will be going away, but there is no reason to be bashing this car. It is a fantastic vehicle, and unless you drive one, save your judgements for something else.

  4. The Saabaru 9-2X is a good car, but GM is turning it into an orphan. Vince is correct–buy one only if you can steal it because when you’re ready to sell or trade, the next owner will surely steal it from you!

  5. I’m not bashing the car at all. Subarus are always great.
    I’m just pointing out the “money’ factor.
    Keep it or lease it. But don’t try to sell it in 2 or 3 years….

  6. The employee pricing deal encouraged be to look at a 9-2X. Planning on keeping the car for eight years kept me from being too concerned about the car’s questionable resale. Unfortunately, I was slow and all the Aeros in the area had been grabbed. That left me test driving a Linear. Not a bad car, but being very familiar with my brother’s Mazda3, this car’s mechanical and interior refinement just couldn’t come close to measuring up.

    I eventually bought a Saab though. A used convertible.

  7. keep in mind that saab does use more sound insulation to keep the car quieter, saab is giving 5k+ discounts on the 9-2x and you are getting the extra year of warranty and free service. when you factor all of that in, i think it’s a fair deal.

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