Mazda MPV

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Just another quick shot of the new Minivan.

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  1. like i mentioned yesterday…
    this van is not for North American Market…
    The current MPV will not be replaced!!

  2. I haven’t heard anything about that from Mazda..
    I’ll check.
    I don’t think their upcoming SUV can seat 7.

  3. Vince,
    i work for mazda..
    i know the product thats coming, being replaced or redesigned.
    The MPV doesn’t sell for us now because of the size and Mazda doesn’t have financial backup to make a seperate US only minvan for the market.

    Te upcoming SUV will seat 7.

  4. That’s too bad the MPV isn’t coming to North America. Mada has a reputation of marketing interesting vehicles, and this van is surely interesting, and completes Mazda’s lineup.

  5. The one at the Tokyo Auto Show is called the North American verstion. Why would they have a North American version if they have no plans of bringing the new MPV here?

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