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Here are more views of the new MPV. That someone here (who claims to work for Mazda), says will not come to the US.
I have read about a new US MPV for a couple of years, from a few different sources, so we’ll have to see. I’ll try to find more info on that.
But this one looks very nice anyway. A cross between a wagon and a Van. And the second row seats are great!

Too bad about that pretty conservative interior…

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  1. It is definately not coming to the US. It is smaller than the current model which has been deemed too small for the “bigger is better” US minivan buyers mindset.

    Its smaller size will also put it even closer to the MAZDA5.

    Of course that decesion was made befor $3.00 gas. Too late now though, that design (not developed for US crash and other safetly standards) has sailed.

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