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Is it growing on you yet?
Keep in mind it is competing with cars that aren’t really futuristic either.
The heavy handed 7 series. The warmed up XJ8.
Only the new S class might be interesting, but also more expensive than the Lexus…
And I would bet the LS interior is fantastic. Much better than any of the competition.

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  1. The headlight shape and the grill, the lines resemble the LF-S, yes I have to say this again, haha.
    Anyway, it looks nice, can’t wait to see the production version.

  2. yeah but the difference they have the presence, desighn, and prestige, a car in this class must have, this could have easily have been the replacement for the gs, but it is a nice looking car im just not sure it has a desighn that saids over $70,000 but neither did the last one.

  3. It’s taken me days to figure it out but I know where I’ve seen that front before… VW PHAETON!!! Come on everyone, it looks identical!

    Don’t get me wrong – I think it’s a beautiful car – the whole problem with the Phaeton was that VW built it… well done Lexus for solving this problem.

    Vince, would be most grateful if you could do your two-models-next-to-each-other kinda photo – have you got any of the Phaeton at that angle for us to compare?

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