New Golf, already?!

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Not really. This is just an illustration.
But the current European model came out in October 2003. That’s 2 years ago, and we still don’t have it here in the US.
I understand VW wanted to make sure the Jetta was ready for the US market, before launching the Golf here. And they also wanted to sell us the larger Golf Plus model instead of the regular Golf.
That idea went south, so the US Golf was again, delayed.

What we might end up getting instead is this. A slightly updated Golf, due in Europe next year. (Also an Illustration.)
That’s right. It is so late, we might be getting the mid-cycle model…
With the US success of the 3 and 5 door Focus and the Mazda 3 Hatchback, why is VW waiting so long to bring the Golf over here?
How many stupid decisions can a company make?

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  1. Now that you mention the focus, thats another car that is having tremendous success in europe simply because its an awsome car yet we’re still stuck with the original version here.

  2. vw take america like a piece of sh**! In europe, vw has very more attractive cars than u.s. and also great motorisations!

  3. Tell VW to get rid of the chrome grille. The VW group sucks at making grilles! (And get rid of those chrome headlights and put in the ones from the GTI-it might make Americans notice this wonderful little car)

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