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This could be our next Sentra. But…

The Bluebird is the Japanese market for what we used to know as the Stanza. A larger car then the Sentra.
The Stanza grew bigger and became the Altima for the US market.
So, the Bluebird is not supposed to be the new Sentra. But it seems to be based on the same platform as our next Sentra.
Who knows. Maybe they’ll keep the same design, or at least, the same interior.
I never thought they would sell the Tilda over here, with almost no changes…

I think the new Bluebird looks pretty nice.But it does it make sense to sell a $17000 car that looks almost exactly like a $50 000 from the same company (M45)???

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  1. The Bluebird and the Versa share the exact same 1695mm width which probaly means they share platforms and a lot of suspension and mechanical components. It would be very easy for Nissan to build this car on the same assembly line in Mexico as the versa. This looks so much better than the Versa. With all the cost cuting at nissan and the Versa, I doubt they will redesign the exterior of this car for the US market. This is the new Sentra.

  2. The current Bluebird Spyphy is a Sentra with totally upscale features in the interior. But this design doesn’t look like the next Sentra cause the Infiniti front and the styling looks alot like the 2006/2007 Hyundai Azera. Plus the interior has leather, navigation, fake wood trim, and a dashboard that looks like an Infiniti M45 with a Q45 mixed up. For Nissan in Japan this is a excellent car but for North Americans I think Nissan should do better.

  3. good competition for the tsx, s40, etc. crowd. small upscale, luxurious, and im sure not to pricey, with looks that fall in line with the infiniti lineup. maybe the next G20?

  4. Vince,
    Have you seen any photos, sketches, etc. on the new 2007 Nissan Altima for the America? Everything I can find is only a photo of the 2006 Altima with talk of a hybrid. I don’t care about that at this point. I’d like to see some photos or sketches of the actual 2007 Altima design and hear about horsepower, cost, features, etc. Any info. from you would be appreicated. Thanks and I love your site.

  5. All I’ve seen are pictures of a “test Mule” for the 2007 Altima. They are testing the new car with a Nissan Teena body. (The Japanese version of the Maxima). These 3 cars use the same platform.
    But one of these pics showed the interior, which was NOT the same as the regular Teena. So it might have been the next Altima interior….
    (i’ll try to get it)
    I think they will keep the prices close to the current model. Engines will be the same, with maybe a small bump in horsepower. The Hybrid will use the Toyota system.
    Basically, it’s just a new body/interior. The engines/frame etc.. Will be almost he same.

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