Nissan GTR Concept

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Not the first time they tease us with a GTR concept.
But this seems pretty close to production. And maybe, it gives us a small hint of the next Infiniti G35 coupe on which it is based…

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  1. Vince, you have the best blog on the internet. Any chance you can do an RSS feed so we can see your posts’ headlines on a portal?

  2. I like the Chevy Cobalt coupe taillights. And the front end is ghastly. Why not run the headlights down the side of the car, too.

  3. While this might be based on the G35’s platform, I don’t think this will BE a G coupe. I think Infiniti will release this with the Skyline nameplat in tact. If it is a G, then I hope they just call it the GT-R.

    I’d love to see what the interior looks like as well as the specs. Be sure to post them as soon as you find out Vince.

  4. Those aren’t Chevy Cobalt coupe tailights, thay are a trademark of previous evolutions of the Skyline. If you check prevous generations of the Skyline, you will see that most of them have those tailights…

  5. that thing is hideous!

    And I’m a Nissan fan to some extent. The Nissans I’ve know have lasted forever and their V6 engines are fantastic. My only hope is that this is indeed a prototype and the production model will look more polished.

  6. ive heard the price will be somewhere around $70,000 and 400hp, can an extra 100 horsepower over a g35 be worth that much more, a zo6 is how much cheaper than this thing, with 500, an m3 will have the same horsepower and im sure be alot less than that, which is essentially what this thing is a jazzed up a g35, like the m is to the 3 series, but that thing is twice as much

  7. Try 450 hp and AWD. It’s supposed to compete with the next generation 911 turbo in terms of performance. It may be slightly slower than the Z06 in terms of straight line acceleration but throw in a few corners or run them against each other on a track and the GTR should win. Can today’s Z06 compete with today’s 911 turbo? Straight line is very close but the 911 still edges it and on the track, it’s over…

  8. Not to be rude, but it’d save a lot of posts if you guys could read up on what a Skyline is before you complain it’s an overpriced Japanese tuner. Z06’s are rear wheel drive, where the Skyline’s been using the world’s most advanced AWD system for over a decade. Not even getting into all the other technologies in the car, the 1999 Skyline R34 is STILL ahead of our Automotive market.

  9. Also, the taillights on the Chevy Cobalt were taken from the Skyline in much the same way the final drifting scene in Tokyo Drift was taken from a movie called Initial-D made a few years back. 😀

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