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Not to worry..
This is another of these “American cars not sold in the US” type of thing.
This one is from Mexico And, as you can see, it is just a Cobalt with new lights and grille. Like the Pursuit in Canada.
But I think it does look pretty good.

Funny that GM doesn’t mind rebadging a Chevy SUV and passing it as a Pontiac Torrent in the US. But they wouldn’t do it for the Cobalt…

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  1. Thank God they aren’t bringing the Pursuit here. I don’t like the rebadging job on the GMT900 trucks, but at least GM is really getting away from that with their cars.

    The only rebadging I want to see is that of Opels being rebadged as Saturns and sold here in the US. I can’t wait to see the production version of the Aura.

    Does Pontiac really need this car anyways? Don’t they already have a Vibe? My wife has a Matrix and it is a very compitent car with a nicely done interior.

  2. Each division is trying to create an image, and that image is different in each market/country. Even though this is a nice looking car, they don’t need it in the USA. GM was in trouble for decades pushing too many models, and making it hard for customers who are not car nuts to find what suits them. Fewer models makes the selling job easier, and keeps costs down. They need to get into profitability or they will cease to exist.

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