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As I mentioned before, all you need to do to see the next xB, is to imagine this (slightly disguised) concept without the side squirts, oversized fenders etc….
The interior is also the one from the production model. Without some of the flashiest trim. Even though these might be offered by dealers.

I still think when you take off all the “concept crap”, you end up with a design that’s not as original as the first one.
They could have done much better…

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  1. vince.. yeah i agree that it’s not as original as the first one.. They are playing it “safe” with the design and that’s boring.. The interior looks a little better than the current xB.. but the outside, i’m not digging it..

  2. I dig how the outside AC vents mold into that c bar running between the dash and windshield. Otherwise, I’m kinda ho hum on it. The xB was a trend setter. This one simply trys to maintain the status quo.

    Oh well, I’m not their target market anyways. 🙂

  3. Why do the Japanese designers try to cartoonify everything! Enough with that stuff already! The original was a rare bold design, this is silly looking.

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