Toyota Previa/Estima

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This is a so called concept. But it is pretty much what you’ll be able to get next year as the Previa, if you live in Europe. Or the Estima in Japan.
A hybrid version will also be offered.

I just wish we had this instead of the sad looking Sienna they sell in the US…

Here is proof that the production model will pretty much be the same as the concept. This prototype shows (behind all the crap) the same design. Even the glass roof is there…

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  1. To me it just looks like a more modern version of the current Euro Previa.

    Funny you mention the “H” badge. Toyota has been testing the new Camry prototypes in Arizona with fake Honda badges on them…

  2. I don’t think this would do so well in the US market. We’ve seen several wedge designs that simply were not very popular. The original Oddessy, Pontiac Transport, and Toyota Previa come to mind. It seems the ladies prefer to have a more substantial bonnet in front of them, which is in line with current minivan designs.

    Anyways, I’m much more interested in seeing the Ford Fairlane when it is unveiled. I think this may be the future of minivans if Ford really nails that Land Rover type styling.

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