Toyota Previa/Estima

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These are pictures of the prodiction version of the all new European Previa minivan.
The white cardboards finally came off…
As you can see, it looks a lot like the current model. But is also very close to the Hybrid concept from the Tokyo Auto Show.

And is is so much nicer than the Sienna we get here….

Here is the concept.

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  1. I only thought that a van could get as big as the Current Oddysey, but obviously, it can be bigger. It’s like a dinosaur.

  2. I think it is actually smaller than the Honda. The Sienna is larger. I’ll check on that.
    This is mainly for Europe, so it can’t be that big. The weird telephoto lens of the pictures distort the car.

  3. I just checked.
    The US Sienna is 200 inches long. While the (current) Euro Previa is 187. I don’t think it’ll grow that much.
    The largest engine in the current version is the 2.4 Liter.

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