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Just like the Scion Xb is based on the Echo, this new Ractis seems to be based on the all new Yaris. Which itself is the replacement for the Echo.

And the Ractis would make a great Scion!

It still has that “square” look, but with an added doze of style. And the interior seems really nice and roomy.
I hope that’s what Toyota has in mind as well.
This new model could be tough competition for the new small Nissan…

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  1. Heard that medical science might finally have a cure for RACTIS. It’s a terrible illness that……Oh, sorry, I’m thinking of something else–this is a CAR.

  2. I can see it as an Xa, but not an Xb. It’s not upright and square enough.

    Still it’s not hideous. Just not something I would be interested in.

    The dash is rather unique. I think that is something that could grow on me.

  3. – ‘great’ and ‘scone’ in the same sentence? = military intelligence?
    – Was going to correct the spelling of your “doze of style” but decided you were right.
    – Like I said elsewhere, doesn’t ANYONE at Thugota like to drive?

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