VW Golf R32

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Not my cup of tea, but for those who must have 250hp from a 3.2Liter V6 in a compact hatchback, I’m sure it’s great news!

But at over 45 000 Euros in Europe, I’ll say it’s a bit pricey…
When you think of a $26 000 Altima with 240hp. Or a Nissan Z with almost 300hp for a bit over $30 000…

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  1. hrmm are you sure about 45k Euro? I read somewhere it’s 32k euros.

    (at 32k, it’s still overpriced)

  2. i think its nice, not my thing not into golfs, but nice looking car cool concept, i wish alfa would bring its v6 hatchback over here, well for that matter the rest of the lineup

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