Zuzuki LC’s ancestor

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The all new super cool LC concept is actually based on Suzuki’s own design for the “Fronte” produced between 1967 and 1971. Later designs of that same model kind of lost the charm of the original. A bit like the Mustang…

I wonder if every car maker will end up having at least one retro design.

Honda could do it with that cute coupe/convertible they had in the 60’s (I forgot the name of it right now).
Citroen could have a new 2CV (they actually thought about it).

Antything else?

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  1. You’re in luck!
    I think the upcoming Dodge Caliber will have an interior that will remind you of the Aries or Omni.

  2. Would be nice to bring back the ’63 Valiant which was a great car in its day.

    Also hope that DCX decides to name a future Dodge model the Dart.

    Dart is easy to say, easy to spell, and was an excellent car, too.

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  4. The Honda S600 is prolly what you are thinking about, there Vince. I’d buy a retro S600 and sport it in a heartbeat! Here’s a link for a pic of an ol’S600 next to todays S2000… the ultimate pair! =o)

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