2006 Honda Civic

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The future is now… In Europe only…

Doens’t it look like a crazy auto show concept?
To actually produce such a modern design in an affordable car is amazing.
I still think they should have used this for our Civic Hybrid.

And this interior, although similar, looks so much better.
Corollas, Golfs, Mazda 3s all have the same quality interiors in Europe and the US. Why can’t Honda do the same thing???

It’s not like the new Civic is that cheap over here anyway…

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  1. i’m really hoping Honda does bring this hatchback over to the US, perhaps as a new CRX?

    it would make a great replacement for my Focus 5-door

  2. I doubt it will be a new CRX, all info points to Honda producing a new CRX for 07 or 08.

    I too would take the Civic hatch, even better if it comes over with the 2.2 iCTD it gets in Europe.

    If not the hatch, I hope at least the diesel comes over. I think a Honda diesel would change most american consumers feelings about “dirty diesels”. Honda is considered a ‘green’ company, so I think they could open the door to changing opinions. Even better if they bring a hatch, I think they will be growing in popularity soon.

    Maybe Honda is worried that a Civic hatch could encroach upon the Fit/Jazz next year?

  3. I think honda is still stinging from the previous generation SI… and exchange rates. If they can build in the US or Japan then maybe they’ll bring it over. But not europe like the old SI.
    This sounds to me like the grass is always greener on the other side syndrome. I prefer the US sedan over this. Or at least lose the sable headlight/grill.

  4. That is a great idea about the diesel.
    Honda would be the perfect company to bring back diesel in the US.
    I hear their 2.2 in Europe is one of the smoothest, most refined diesel around.

  5. Not only that, but I read that the Honda Civic 2.2 iCTD gets better mileage AND better acceleration than the gas models.

  6. The look is futuristic– like a 1998 Chrysler Concorde or Dodge Intrepid. And the 2-tone on the inside gives it a luxury look– like the Lincoln Aviator but with a more basic dash. BIG improvement over previous Civics.

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