2007 Acura CSX

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That’s right, Acura.
For Canada only.

The CSX replaces the EL, which was the Acura version of the previous Civic sedan.
It is a nice looking car, with options like leather, heated seats and xenon headlights.
But does it really fool anyone??? ( I guess so, the previous one was quite popular…)

Why even bother with this. Why not adds these options to the Civic’s list?
I guess it’s not worse than the Infiniti i30/Nissan Maxima combo we used to have over here…

At least they could give it another design, like maybe the European Civic, or something.
Adding leather and new headlights is an old GM trick. (as well as Ford and Chrysler).

Honda shouldn’t stoop that low…

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  1. I agree with you Vince…at least the CSX looks better than the our Civic does here(I’m not saying I don’t like our US Civic.) The CSX gets leather and xenon headlights…where is that on our Civic option list???

  2. The Acura EL/CSX is going the G20 route, which suits Canada. Anyway it looks better than our Civic since it’s the JDM civic.

  3. The CSX is an idea of Honda Canada for the Canada market. Since the Civic (even the US model) is built in Ontario, it’s easy for them to replace a few parts here and there. That explains why this Acura isn’t based on the european version of the Civic.

    Canadians prefer smaller cars (especially in Quebec where Civics, Protegés and Mazda3s are everywhere) and this acura is modified enough to be quite popular (different engine (around 157 hp), leather, fake wood, etc).

    It reminds me of Rovers in England…

  4. Remember the Integra? Its styling was more divergent from the Civic, but it was essentially what they’re calling the CSX today. As I recall, Integras sold like hotcakes.

  5. Why bother? Quite simply , $$. An Acura can be sold for a few bucks more than a similar Honda. Where do you think Toyota makes more, on the Camry or the very similar Lexus ES300?

  6. The Camry and the Lexus ES do not look the same.
    Everything you can see (except for a few switches) is different.
    And the Lexus uses more upscale materials.

    This new Acura IS the Civic. Everything you see(except the lights, wheels bumper) is the same.

  7. I like it! This looks better than the Civic and has the 155 hp from the RSX. The CSX is based mainly on a Japanese Civic with different grille. Check it out! Go to http://www.honda.co.jp/CIVIC/
    Note: the rear lights are different from the Civic.
    Acura is looking at pricing the Touring model at about $25 grand and the Premium at about $28 grand. The interior I hope is better than the Civic

  8. i think its nice, but i dont understand why people trash gm for this. fool people? people spend how much on the tsx a pretend luxury car, with a 4 cylinder “from a economy car” just a honda accord, same wheels, smaller “but costs more”,”smart buyers” same interior as well, but this is a gm trick? lets try the acura slx, honda passport, honda odyssey “original”,this acura esx, do i have to go further no, that is a honda trick, at least u can tell the gm cars apart, and if not looking u would think the rsx was a civic “which is what it is”

  9. All these cars you mention have a different design than the ones they are based on.
    Unlike the Pontiac Torrent and its Chevy clone.
    It’s an old GM trick, because they almost don’t do it anymore.
    The new large GM cars don’t all look the same.
    Same for the Malibu and the G6.
    By the way, the “only 4 cylinder” engine in the TSX is more refined than a lot of V6s out there. And it’s not the same engine used in the Accord.
    The whole car does have an upscale feel to it.
    Hard to find a much better car for the price.

  10. actually the tsx 4 cyclinder isnt, amazing how that same engine in the rsx is criticized but a faux luxury sedan its not. its much more of a jetta competitor, s40, than competitors with v6 engines which is what the tl is for, and the reason why the tl has a v6. and no none of the cars i mentioned have distinct sheet metal, u cant tell the acura slx from the trooper, without finding a badge, same for the passport and original odyssey and their isuzu clones. gm at least spends money on making them look different. There is many better competitors for the money, the jetta gli, subaru legacy gt, even a honda accord v6, the tsx is a pretender for pretenders who just need something with a luxury nameplate on a non luxury car. not that i dont think its a good car, it just isnt any nicer than accord, which is what it is. and in class it is much more of a g20 than a g35, or i35, because the next step up would be the tl, a car that compete with the 3 series, cadillac cts, lexus es/is, c class, which leaves the tsx below these cars in a non luxury car position/

  11. When comparing cars based on the same platform (such as the GM Delta or Nissan FM architecture), the cheapest of the cars in the family always represents the best value from a consumer standpoint, not the inflated model. This holds true even if the car is stretched or made into a crossover SUV. If you buy an Accord, you’re getting the same basic structural elements as an Acura TL or MDX, both considerably more expensive. In theory, a Nissan Murano is just a big, heavy, tall Altima. The flipsise is that usually the cheapest/smallest model is heavier than similar non-plaform-sharing vehicles in the same class.

    The difference is that GM/Ford clones cars across divisions (increasingly hard to tell what the heirarchy is), whereas Honda/Toyota/VW/Nissan do it across vehicle classes. Both dilute the notion of car individuality, but Nissan effectively saved themeselves from bankruptcy with two excellent platforms! Last time I checked, GM/Ford aren’t doing too well!

    That said, I like the CSX, but I think it’s too close in size to the TSX, which is a bargain in sport sedans. Two different target audiences, nonetheless.

  12. I’m a bit off topic here, but the Murano shares only its most basic architecture with the Altima.

    The Murano is taller, has a CVT, has AWD, and has 18″ wheels. It’s a wagon and has a MUCH nicer interior than the Altima.

    Can you tell I own a Murano?

  13. True: The CSX is Civic based, however, despite the extra chrome around the windows and chrome door handles, the leather and Xenon headlights, it also has F1 inspired shift paddles. It will be available here in Canada Nov22.

    I’ve been waiting to trade my 2000 Integra for one.

  14. Don’t forget that the CSX has automatic climate control and has the Civic Si steering wheel.
    One big selling point is it will have leather and navigation. Our Canadian Civics don’t have navigation but you Americans have it. Apperantly Honda is giving that to the CSX in Canada. On the exterior the mirrors have side turn signal on them like the Civic Hybrid. The CSX should start production in the last week on November and arrive in Canadian dealerships in about the 2nd week of December hence the Christmas season.

  15. I am a Canadian who drives a CSX and very much enjoy it. It is built on the Civic platform but differs greatly from the 2006 Civic (which I am not putting down since my daughter drives one and it is excellent). The CSX though has a more powerful engine, leather interior, heated seats, paddle shifting, xenon headlights, a navigation system and other amenities that make it a compact car that is a real pleasure to drive. I would recommend it to anyone.

  16. Like another post said, Acura Canada designed the CSX, Honda Japan then adopted Acura’s design to be their new Civic. Honda then followed suit worldwide. The CSX is not a re-badged Civic but rather the Civic is a rebadged CSX. I’m surprised the CSX sells for 30kish though considering civic si’s have been sold as cheap as 21k. All those luxuries must add up fast, and then the markup for acura. The CSX does have some nice heated power folding side mirrors though. I’m thinking about wiring some u.s. civic hybrid mirrors up to my Si sedan b/c i like the look and don’t feel like paying for the CSX ones. Personally i think the u.s. civic is the ugliest of all the markets. wow this blog’s ancient

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