2007 Cadillac Escalade interior

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Just a very small teaser from a video promo.

But it looks like it has a different interior than the new Chevy Tahoe.
It would be a good thing. Just what Lincoln did with the Navigator.

None of these trucks are my cup of tea.
12 MPG to carry a couple of young kids to pre-school (which is how they’re used around here) seems pretty sick to me, in 2005.
But maybe it won’t be as vulgar looking as the current one, who knows…

By the way, I ‘ve seen a few of the new DTS on the road, and I think they look really good. Modern and classy.
When you consider they start at around $42 000, they look even better.
Much better than the STS, especially the interior.

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  1. I agree with you about the DTS. How ironic that the “old mans” car looks better.

    As for the Escalade and other GMT900 SUVs, hasn’t GM made the claim that they will average 20 or 21 MPG because of DoD and their new 6 speed tranny? I understand that the Escalade will have a different engine with more power than the GM 5.3 V8, but I’m wondering if it will have DoD as well. Now if you can get 20MPG on an SUV that is THAT LARGE I’d say they have a fairly decent chance at selling them. I’ll be very interested to see how they do with the diesel that should be here in 2007 and the hybrid.

    As to the interior, this pic makes me hopeful. I said before, about the Denali that the interior on the Tahoe was just as good and I couldn’t see any reason to buy a Denali. The Escalade must do a much better job of differentiating itself from the other GMT900’s.

  2. I too agree on the DTS, which blows my mind, as I really disliked the DeVille. Shows what a nip and tuck can do…

    In this age of overwrought, baroque luxury styling (*cough* BMW *cough* Mercedes *cough* Audi) it’s nice to see a clean, simple, and stylish design.

  3. well a couple things, one about the sales thing, tahoes have been the best selling full size suv for years, escalades sell very well now, so a new and improved model will only add to it, about the dts, and sts, both are nice, but the dts interior is very nice, the problem is they have different audiences, the dts is more of lexus es-camry, dts-impala, while the sts is on a luxury car platform, but both are excellent car, with the dts making more sense, bigger, and cheaper

  4. To whoever asked how the new Escalade looked vulgar…
    Vince said the CURRENT Escalade. Not the new one.

  5. I think the CURENT one is maybe the most vulgar looking thing on the road. With the navigator.
    But I really don’t think the next one will be that much better.
    Sales WERE good. That whole segment is loosing sales every month. Thank God…

  6. i think the current escalade is attractive overpriced? yes, an interior that doesnt fit its price? oh yeah but not vulgar, the navigator has a very nice interior, and isnt that bad looking. I think I would pull these off the most list and add cars that ACTUALLY look vulgar, lets try these: gx56 (funny u said the escalade and not this mis shapen beast that even magazines find hard to stomach, but i guess because its an import….., the element-gross, the armada, the ridgeline-horrible, the new fj, the prius-is this thing a goldfish or somethinga, and the list goes on, but those are the most……wouldnt say the escalade it is only slighty garrish compared to those things, but i guess since its a cadillac trash it…..right

  7. Have you read this blog at all before.?
    I don’t think I’ve ever trashed Cadillacs.
    I even just mentioned how I really like the new DTS.

    The Escalade and Navigators are monsters that should not been allowed on the streets.
    The other horrible looking giant SUVs you mention are in the same league. I don’t care who makes them. Imports or not..
    The Prius on the other hand, could never be in the same bag. I cannot begin to compare a 50mpg modern compact sensible car, to a “garrish”, irresponsible, pick up truck based ,overprised and over chromed SUV.

  8. The Escalade Definitely won’t 20MPG, but 12MPG is an exageration. The 6.2L Engine in the Escalade will debut without DoD. DoD will be added the next year when the Long-Wheelbase versions debut.

  9. If you go to the cadillac website they show photos of the 2007 escalade. The interior has been redone as well as the exterior, it looks really nice.

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