2007 Cadillac Escalade

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All you can see during this glitsy official introduction is how big and shiny that thing is.
And that’s about it.

Not mentioning how dangerous it is for others sharing the road as well.

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  1. im confused, i really like your site i do i tell people to come to keep up with the most recent car stuff, but why the constant escalade bashing is it something personal? their isnt another suv i have u heard simply trash. the santa fe would also be a dangerous to someone driving a smaller car because simply it weighs more and is taller, as would any suv, or large car, car that weighs alot “think almost 5,000 pound bentley or rolls royce, or trucks including the ridgeline. to be honest it is flashy but so is the car posted under this one, loud that one also, gaudy somewhat? yeah but why not trash that one. the escalade is for people who like them, can afford them, want/need a big suv and thats it, and for that it is excellent, well built, it stands out looks like it has a pretty good quality interior, it sounds just fine to me, would ever want one or have the desire to purchase no, but i understand this cars appeal, and not closed minded to the idea that some people do like different things than “I” do and insult them in the process…

  2. Because the asscalade is an ugly piece of shit that encourages the other drivers to point and laugh. If you just went your doctor and asked for viagra you wouldn’t have to buy this monstrosity.

  3. It’s just an opinion, that’s all. Not everyone has the same opinion, which is great because how boring would that be?

    The Escalade’s radically different styling when compared to other similar vehicles (“normal” SUV’s, “boring” SUV’s, whatever) will tend to polarize people’s opinions about it–love it or hate it.

    It stands out and gets noticed, which was probably what Cadillac wanted when they designed it.

    I’m sure he wasn’t trying to insult anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings. Is it big? Yes. Is it threatening to other drivers? Possibly. Does the threat to other drivers increase as the size of the vehicles around them increases? Yes.

    The bigger and/or heavier the “bowling ball”, the more damage it could potentially cause.

    As you pointed out, a Santa Fe is a threat to smaller vehicles, and an Escalade is an even greater threat, and a dump truck is greater still. But the original posting wasn’t about dump trucks, it was about the Escalade, so it was a good spot to post an opinion about it (which you did too).

    People are so sensitive these days about silly things.

    This is a blog after all.

  4. I appreciate your comments and opinion. Thanks for posting them.

    I really don’t think the Escalade stands out.
    It IS one of the boring looking designs, a huge brick.
    Besides the tons of chrome, there is no style to it. Same with the Navigator. They all look the same.

    They are for the guy who wants the biggest house on the block.
    You know, the one that is so big there is no more room for even a small backyard. The 2 story monster that looks over the neighboors.
    The one with big fake columns in front….

  5. The Escalade looks refined, but unfortunately it’s as generic as a Lexus (except for the grill) I’ll stick with the Navigator for now. Navigator is the most distinctive (inside & out) of all the large SUV’s (except for Durango). Cadillac made major improvements on the interior, but they still lack the style & class of the Navigator’s Interior. Mabey a case of too little too late.

  6. really the anonymous poster who keeps on making viagra jokes, get some new material, you said that in the other escalade post, we get it.

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