2007 Escalade Interior

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A slighty better view of the new Escalade new dashboard.
At least, it looks like it is its own design. That’s a god move towards making the Escalade a “real” Cadillac. Instead of a “tahoe with chrome”.
But from what I’ve seen of the exterior, that might be about it. Sure the front looks more like the new DTS. But the profile will still be the Tahoe’s.
So to me, it still isn’t a Cadillac. Even though the DTS shares its platform with a couple of other cars, it doesn’t look like them.

But hey, money talks. Pimps and gangsters can’t wait for the new Escalade.

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  1. It’s nice how you put the Escalade interior right above the Hyundai interior Vince, it looks like the Santa Fe interior is comparable to the Escalade’s.

  2. I saw these pictures.
    Looks like the Tahow with a DTS front end to me…

    We’ll have official material in 3 days.
    I’ll post is as soon as I get it.

  3. Yeah, cause pimps and gangsters are the only ones buying this vehicle. I see more of these barges rolling around suburban Orange County than I’ve ever seen in any “hood”…

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