2007 Escalade

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Not that great, is it ….
The interior is different than the Tahoe. But it doen’t actually look better, or even more expensive.

But pimps and gansters don’t really care about that.
22 inch chrome wheels and a bigger engine than anyone else on the block is what counts.

The usual monster specs:

– Over 400 hp from a 6.2 Liter engine (that actually sounds like we’re back in the ’60s. And not in a good way)
– 6 speed automatic.
– Standard almost everything, available this, available that…..

Don’t get me wrong. If you need to tow a house, a trailer or a few horses, this is as good as it gets. Unfortunately, this monster will mostly be used to take the kids to preschool. Just what we need in 2005…

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  1. im confused as to why the escalades are for pimps and gangsters? i would have to diagree on the more money than brains thing also yes the escalade is high priced but so are the other cars in its segment given its specs, looks, and ineterior i would say it was worth it, this shows cadillacs and gm’s persistence in competing with huge improvements. Again lets mention why certain cars are never discussed in this same light….cars that actually fit brainless people, the toyota landcruiser a car that isnt luxurious is underpowered and costs more than the escalade hmmmm, the lexus lx470 almost 70,000 a landcruiser with more leather, no more wood, or fake silver trim, a ferrari a $200,000 car that wont outrun a corvette and way less reliable, bentley in general, rolls royce in general horrible depreciation, anything from hummer, the tsx why spend that much on a smaller underpowered accord, most things from mercedes why pay that much for cars that are only making on prestige with lacking quality, questionable techonology and poor reliability. and so many more this wouldnt be one, and by the way the majority of new escalade buyers are not the people the pimps and gangsters that are “sterotyped into driving a for what ever reason culuturally related suv, 2006? sure?

  2. I think he said pimps and gangsters because a lot of black rappers drive one.So u need to stop saying crap like that.

  3. He said pimps and gangsters because a lot of black rappers drive one.So u better stop saying crap like that ok.

  4. Right now I drive a 2004 Escalade ESV, and I love it. I don’t understand why Vince continues to bash SUVs. Yes, the gas mileage is low, but other than that, there is nothing to complain about. The ESV allows me to transport family and friends in safety and unsurpassed comfort. The ride is quiet, the seats are so comfortable, the ride is far beyond plush and it handles without a problem. I looked at the Audi A6 Avant, but it didn’t provide the space, so I stepped up to an SUV. After looking at this new Escalade, I can tell you, as soon as the lease is up on my ESV, I will be buying the next-gen. I guess the one gripe I have about mine (gas mileage comes with the territory) is the interior quality. The Audi and LX470 I checked out were far superior than the Cadillac, but these new GM interiors seem to have really stepped it up. I can’t wait to see these in person at the next round of auto shows.

  5. “The ESV allows me to transport family and friends in safety and unsurpassed comfort.”
    You think that asscalade is safe? LOL
    Did you ever consider the kind of damage you would do to the other family riding in the corolla? How is your resale value doing?

  6. to correct the idiot that trashed the escalade on resale value look at prices of used ones, and than go from there……

  7. Ok dumb ass lets take a look. New ESV base price = $60k
    1 year old loaded ESV $45k. 25% minimum depreciation in 1 year. OUCH!
    But hey, if you think thats great by all means go burn the bank’s money. But you have to move out of your mom’s house before you’ll ever afford this kind of toy.

  8. I’ll just refer to myself as ESV Guy on my further post to differentiate myself from all the “anonymous” posts. Truth is, I’m a big car guy, and when I went looking for a new vehicle, the ESV made the most sense to me. Money was not really an issue in buying it, so leave that out as an issue. I leased it, so I don’t care about the depreciation when it’s up. To answer your question about the Corolla- why would I go out of my way to put my family in a vehicle that wasn’t safe. I’ve been visiting this site for a few years, and I never hear any of you comment negatively on Japanese or European brands- just the American ones. The Nissan Armada and Infiniti QX56 are far more objectionable than an Escalade. Many of you bash the Escalade for two reasons, I feel. 1) You can’t afford one and 2) because of the attention it receives throughout the celebrity community. No one has been bashing the Land Cruiser or Lexus LX which have been around for far longer than the Escalade, yet they fall into the same full-size SUV category. When I purchased, I cared only about the ESV and what it would offer me- not the image it has. Think before you comment, or at least drive one.

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