2007 Hyundai Accent Hatch.

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A few more angles of the boring little car from Hyundai.
Looks like the added a fake aluminum finish on the dash. A “sporty” touch for those who want a 2 door car?

Like I said before, the competition in Europe looks much, much better than this. And I don’t think it’ll be much cheaper than a Citroen C1, or the upcoming Renault Twingo. And the Opel Corsa is also new next year.

Good luck to Hyundai with this one…

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  1. The styling is good but the interior of the car is so bland! I mean couldn’t Hyundai put some nice-looking materials inside.

  2. “A few more angles of the boring little car from Hyundai.”

    I don’t see any angles here… It’s just a big ugly bubble that pleases everybody and nobody at the same time.

    Hyundai seems to be following the same route Toyota did: Sell mostly boring cars with proven technology, as well as proven quality and conquer the world. Take the corolla and the camry as an example and compare them to the elantra or sonata…

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