2007 Hyundai Santa Fe

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Finally, these are official pictures of the all new Santa Fe.
This is the Korean version. The one sold in North America will be built in the US, just like the Sonata.

So far, we’ve heard the base engine will be a newer version of the 2.7 Liter V6. With a 3.3 Lier from the Sonata available in the mid level, and standard on the Limited.
I see the main competition for this as the Toyota Highlander. And the Toyota will be al new next fall.

But the Santa Fe looks very good, and prices should be pretty low. Lower than the Highlander.

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  1. Love the red stitching on the black leather. The instrument panel looks money too. I guess this is showing the diesel version, seeing tach redlines at only 4500rpm?

    I think this car should do very well here in the states. Bold styling without being ugly and polarizing. This is bigger homerun than Sonata, at least in the styling department

  2. The 07 Hyundai Santa Fe will have 2 engines: A 3.3 litre V6 making 245-255 hp and the 3.8 litre V6 making upwards of 265-270 hp.
    I think the side styling is a swoop of the current one which makes it a funny car to look at.

  3. It has been reported that the 3.8 Liter won’t make it.
    Instead a 2.7 Liter is standard on the base model and the mid level.
    And a 3.3 liter is optional on the mid level, and standard on the Limited.
    That’s the latest as of now.
    It still might change before the sring US sales..

  4. Vince, you are correct indeed when you state that the 2.7 is V6 and 3.3 is slated for US launch. No doubt we may see the 3.8 eventually.This is no doubt due to the increase in gas prices. 2.7 hp is somewhere around 210.


  5. So the 3.3 will probably have around 240-250HP then, considering it gets 235 in the Sonata? Still, it seems a little anemic compared to the Pilot, which is going to be redesigned pretty soon, along with the Highlander which will get the 3.5L making aroud 265+HP AND gets good gas mileage.

  6. The 2.7 will indeed be the base engine. It’s said to have roughly 190 horsepower. it will offer a five speed manual or four speed autometic. The 3.3 will be the only other engine, and it will mostl likely have the Sonata’s 235 horsepower. Hyundai is not entering into the horsepower wars. The 3.8 will be the base engine in a larger SUV more along the lines of the Ford Explorer which is set to debut in a year. For that reason, Hyundai will not install a 3.8 into the Santa Fe.

  7. The Santa Fe Forum community is very pleased with the new santa fe. The navigation system as the thrird row of seats are a few of the extra awesome perks!

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