2007 Mercedes GL Class

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Not really replacing the old G Class, this is Mercedes version of the big SUV.
It is actually an inch longer than the Escalade!
But not as wide and about 5 inches shorter.

Based on the same frame as the new R and ML Classes, and built in the USA. So you can expect similar engines. Maybe just the V8 for the US market.

I’m not sure it has the “presence” required in the field. Escalades and Navigators look much bigger and imposing (obnoxious).
But it also has a bit more class. A more refined look than the clunky looking Cadillac and Lincoln beasts.

But the style is really… Should I say boring…

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  1. Hey vince…
    Thanks for the info.. but doesn’t that just look like a Ford Freestyle? Actually maybe i’m on crack but the Freestyle actually looks better..Yeah that mercedes is yawn-city..

  2. Your kidding that this is any less obnoxious the an Cadillac or Lincoln. The 3 pointed star makes it more obnoxious then both of those combined. The only way it could be any more obnoxious would be to place a Blue and white BMW badge on it.

  3. So tell me. How can this be 1 inch longer than the escalade, yet 5 inches shorter?? One of those I’m sure u meant taller or something like that.

  4. These are not the official photos right? Because these appeared some time ago and the front looks just like the ML…..
    Great, so we need another big SUV…

  5. this thing is horrible, and ugly. it looks like a an srx with odd curves and lines and square front end, the old g class was just that old, but it was unique it stood out, and was unlike anything on the road. they should have called this thing the m500l, and made the g class just as unique as the original,(especially for what this ugly thing will cost)…….

  6. You’re right Vince, the GL Class isn’t replacing the G Class because DaimlerChrysler just released a statement saying it will still produce G Classes until probably 2009. Go to http://www.autoblog.com/entry/1234000353067721/ to see the statement and a funny picture of the G Class and make sure the numbers are right. The GL Class looks alot like a modern version G Class. By the way the pictures were likely released in late 2004.

  7. Typical Mercedes: Understyled & (probably) overpriced. I’m sure the quality, reliability, ride, handeling, and performance will be top-notch; just too be they can’t get some decent (distinctive) styling in there somewhere. It won’t cause me to trade in the Range Rover OR the Navigator

  8. I think it looks like a Mercedes version of the Jeep Commander, It looks way better than the G wagon, which looks like a giant sized scion xb

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