2007 Saturn Sky

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Talking about the Solstice made me think about the Sky.

Another super good looking car from GM. It might even be more striking than the Pontiac.
It really looks like a show car. A smaller Corvette.

Here is proof that a great design looks good in any color.

This car might actually be the first cool Saturn ever.
GM has announced they are adding a 3rd shift to the factory, starting this January. That is when the Automatic Solstice is supposed to be available. And it should be when they start building the Sky.

I wonder if the Saturn strict price policy will prevent the dealers from charging over MSRP for the car….

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  1. yes this is the car that I saw getting towed outside of detroit on I-96.. Except it was white with the black tape camo on it.. Not a good advertisement.. but i think the design is nice..

  2. I’m not getting a Sky, but I damn well would love to have one. The Solstice is a great car but the Sky is a work of art IMO.

  3. I just saw both the Solstice and the Sky locally. The Pontiac looks good, but a little stubby and bulbous from some angles. The Saturn is nothing short of striking. It has real presence, a real shocker from GM. I want one!!!

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